screw top

When it comes to screwing, most people would choose a Phillips head or a flat-head to get the job done. Or if you’re in Japan, where they use different terms, you’d ask for a plus (+) or a minus (-) screwdriver to get things going. Now though, it seems the humble screw has just received a facelift, thanks to a clever design collaboration between a Tokyo artist and a manufacturer from Osaka. The only thing cuter than a tiny smiley screw is the adorable driver that screws them in!

Designer Yuma Kano teamed up with screw manufacturer Komuro Seisakusho to create the screw that turns frowns upside down. The joy of discovery and small surprises inspired Kano to deliver a tiny product with loads of character. These little babies are happily waiting to help you hold it together!


For best results, you’ll need the right technique and a special kind of driver that’s the mirror reflection of a smile. We wonder if there’ll be more emoticons in the future…


▼ Two smiles collide to create a load of happy.


▼ The tools you’ll need to bring a little character to your next DIY project.


 ▼ This little guy stands out from regular screws and brings a touch of warmth to a sharp corner.


▼ Feel the love every time you enter or leave the house. Other screws won’t hold onto your keys with a smile like this!


Kano only recently set up his studio, Studio Yamanaka, in an Edo period shipyard in Kawasaki in 2012. If this is the kind of thing that pops up after two years in business, we’re eager to see what’s next to come out of his doors!

Source: Studio Yumakano, Kotaro269