The DIY project, complete with an embedded graphics tablet, is inspiring digital illustrators everywhere.

Being an animator in today’s era of digital design means having to use a number of tools, with keyboards, screens, tablets and mousepads often cluttering up desks, making it difficult for illustrators to maintain a sense of order in their workspace. One digital artist, however, has tackled the problem head-on by building his very own desk, complete with special features to make work easier, and the Internet has erupted in a green sea of envy over the beautifully simple yet effective design.

▼ Since the illustrator posted these pictures of his DIY project on Twitter, he was lauded with praise and received more than 60,000 likes!

As with any DIY project, the planning stage was an all-important step in creating the desk, with the animator creating a 3-D model before the final build.

The main priority was embedding his large tablet, which often got in the way of things as it always took up space on table tops.

The hollow cavity in the middle was specially carved out to fit the dimensions of the tablet perfectly, with fans installed to protect it from overheating.

As a result, the tablet sits beautifully flush with the surface of the desk.

The flat surface means that curious kitties can now sit themselves on top of the tablet without causing too much bother!

The tablet’s position can also be changed, by popping up when necessary so it can be used on an incline.

The complete set-up is incredibly impressive, with everything on hand to make designing easier.

And when the tablet’s not being used, it’s no longer taking up valuable desk space.

The animator behind the new desk, who goes by the Twitter handle @taqqqro, has worked on a number of projects, including artwork for Japanese fantasy novel series Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. His idea for the embedded tablet design came after seeing the desk used by animator Yoshikazu Hamada, which is one of the most elaborate constructions we’ve ever seen.

The desk made by @taqqqro cost just 40,000 yen (US$385) to make, with 30,000 yen going towards the iron legs for the table. The wood for the desktop was purchased and cut at a DIY home centre, while the animator himself cut out the portion for the tablet with a 3,000-yen electric jigsaw.

Twitter users have been heaping praise on the animator for his ingenious desk idea.

“Wow! This is amazing!”
“You’re super-talented at both drawing and assembly!”
“It’s so professionally made I thought it was bought at a store!”
“I desperately want one of these!”
“Can you manufacture and sell them pleeeease?!”

While the animator has no plans to produce the desk commercially, he’s been kind enough to share all the small details of the design with DIY enthusiasts online, by collating all his photos into a curated Moment on Twitter. If you’re keen to build a desk for yourself, stop by his account for more details!

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@taqqqro