Tomoyuki Oka, Japanese pro-wrestler and all around tough guy, has already captured the hearts of an unlikely otaku audience by being very open about the fact that, despite appearances, he’s actually one of them. He’s recently released a promotional video where we can see the contrast between his  tough, physical side and his completely nerdy, anime-obsessed personality, but also find that there’s more synergy between the two aspects than might be expected.

Tomoyuki Oka stats

DOB: June 12 1991
Blood Type: O
Height: 184cm (6’1″)
Weight: 115kg (253lbs)
Loves: Pro wrestling, anime

In his 10 minute promotional video Tomoyuki reveals a bit about his journey to get to where he is now, as well as his hopes and dreams for the future. He started wrestling in school, and being bullied helped cement his resolve to become the strongest in the world. I get the feeling this guy had been watching a lot of shonen anime, and he even admits himself that anime protagonists motivated him to aim for the top. Now at university, he’s no less into his nerdy hobbies and has resisted pressure to stop draping his body in images of huge-eyed 2D girls, instead remaining true to himself and becoming an inspiration for otaku across the ‘Net.

And anime has even played an important part in his continuing journey from amateur to pro wrestler. At Comic Market 83 he went to a booth to pick up some goods from one of his favourite anime, Detective Opera Milky Holmes, a franchise created by Japanese producer Bushiroad who also happens to own New Japan Pro Wrestling, the second largest wrestling promotion in the world after WWE. It was through his love of anime and a twist of fate that he met Takaaki Kidani, CEO of Bushiroad, and felt compelled to audition to become a member of NJPW. It paid off, with Oka successfully entering New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2013 and going on to win the All-Japan Sambo Championships earlier this year.

 ▼ You don’t see many guys down at the gym dressed like this, but maybe this is the beginning of a new trend.



▼ Tomoyuki introduces some of his favourite anime goods.


Moe! His love of the Milky Holmes franchise provided an unexpected inspiration for his wrestling career.


▼ Tomoyuki lives in a tiny dorm room, yet still manages to cram around 500 volumes of manga into the cramped space.


▼ He likens the ceiling above his small sleeping space to a planetarium – except with cute girls instead of stars, of course.


▼ Ever ambitious, Tomoyuki is aiming to become stronger and more famous than any other Japanese pro wrestler.


▼ I wouldn’t mess with him no matter what T-shirt he’s wearing!


▼ People have told him that his anime obsession is embarrassing, but Tomoyuki is determined to stay true to himself.


▼ He ends the video by jogging off, powered by the sound of motivational anime music, and you can’t help but feel that the future’s bright for this rising star of wrestling.


▼ Watch the full Youtube video below.

Source: Hachima Kikou