Real-life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova, regular fixture of blogs worldwide, has caused another stir, but this time it’s not because she’s said something offensive or downright ridiculous. After making virtual waves with her outrageous makeup, fashion, and philosophy, Valeria’s now making a splash by taking it all off.

Valeria recently posted some bare-faced selfies to her Facebook account, and the results are quite startling. Obviously makeup can only do so much for a person, so we knew she couldn’t be hiding anything too troubling. But even taking into consideration the fact that the art of the selfie requires correct lighting, filters, and at least 100 snaps before you get the right one, we might have to go so far as to say she’s a natural beauty.

To say Valeria’s usual look is bold would be an understatement. She uses striking eye makeup to double the size of her peepers, facial contouring, and plenty of colour and glitter. Her clothes complement the effect, from perfect pink coordinates lifted straight from Barbie’s wardrobe, to silver space-age creations that show off all her assets.

▼ Here she is all dolled up in her usual state.


But here, with her bare face and toned down workout clothes, she actually looks like a real person instead of a real doll! In fact, she’s totally cute.

▼ Hiding coyly behind her blonde locks.


▼ Ready for a workout.


User reactions were generally positive, with people exclaiming how much prettier she looked without all the caked on makeup. However many also expressed concern over her ever-shrinking waistline and tiny body. Professing to be living on light and air, Valeria might be taking the whole ‘natural’ thing a bit too far.

▼ She may be wearing some makeup in these, but its minimal enough compared to her previous look that we’ll let her off.


▼ Minimal makeup calls for minimal clothing to match.


Valeria shows off both her toned-down and glammed-up looks in the video below. Which do you prefer?

Source: RocketNews24 JP, Facebook Valeria Lukyanova
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