And you can wash it down with some Moogle tea.

Among Japanese convince store fried chicken, Lawson’s Karaage-kun is the king. Not only is the standard version of the chain’s bite-sized chicken chunks juicy and delicious, Lawson is constantly introducing new flavors to the lineup to give us all extra incentive to pick up a pack whenever we walk by one of their branches.

So at the end of the month, Karaage-kun is teaming up with another heavy hitter, the Final Fantasy video game franchise, for its newest tempting treat: Final Fantasy Light and Dark Crystal Flavor fried chicken!

The package features the Karaage-kun mascot character dressed as Final Fantasy’s Warrior of Light, with sword in hand ready to do battle against the evil hunger that threatens our stomachs, while a Moogle hovers in the background.

So what do Final Fantasy crystals taste like? Lawson says it gets its power from the “Pepper of Darkness” and “Tartar Sauce of Light,” with both seasonings contained inside the fried chicken’s breading, as shown in the diagram here.

Lawson’s drink cases are also getting into the Final Fantasy spirit. Going on sale alongside the Light and Dark Crystal fried chicken is Moogle Pon Pon Tea, a variety of oolong tea. In addition to a Moogle, three other lovable Final Fantasy creatures grace the labels: a Namazu, a Korpokkur, and, last but certainly not least, a Chocobo.

Speaking of Final Fantasy’s adorable non-human species, Lawson will also be giving away a limited number of clear files with Moogle, Fat Cat, Fat Chocobo, Namazu, and Korpokkur illustrations to customers who purchase three applicate Meiji-brand candies and chocolates during the promotion.

▼ The applicable candies will have this marker by them on the store shelves.

And if you can’t make it to a Lawson branch, the other half of the collaboration has illustrated Karaage-kun characters for all 20 Final Fantasy XIV jobs waiting for you at the end of the game’s online Job Diagnosis/personality test, a five-question quiz that will tell you which class’ play style is the best match for you and can be taken here.

▼ Apparently my fried chicken class is “Ninja.”

The Final Fantasy crystal Karaage-kun and Moogle Tea go on sale, priced at 216 yen (US$1.95) and 168 yen, respectively, on August 31.

Source: Lawson via Livedoor News/Inside Games
Top image: Lawson
Insert images: Lawson (1, 2, 3)
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