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Use Google Maps today and you may notice something a little different…

Whether you’re heading to the pub or on a quest to find the Triforce today, you’re going to need a map. And what better map than one that charts every single dungeon–er, street–in the world and even lets you zoom in to ground level?

No doubt intended to mark today’s release of Wii U remake The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, Nintendo has teamed up with Google to make a subtle but wonderfully nerdy change to the browser version of Google Maps, swapping the ordinary yellow pegman for Link, the green-garbed hero of Hyrule from the long-running action-adventure series.

▼ Nintendo cheekily announced the change on Twitter earlier today

It’s not clear whether this change will be in effect for today only, but we for one would appreciate it very much if Google Maps would let us take our favourite video game heroes out for a virtual stroll more often!

Happy adventuring, all!

Source: Twitter/Nintendo UK; h/t Mashable
Featured image: Screenshot, Google Maps