When traveling abroad it’s always advised that you look into the country’s rules and regulations before departing. You never know what activity, considered perfectly acceptable in your homeland, might turn out to be taboo or even a crime in another.

So it’s nice when your hotel sends you a “Warm Notice” like the Star Hotel in China had, which outlines what you may and may not do in your room. The note is dated from 2013 but it was recently posted on Imgur where it gained a lot of attention for it’s simple but important message…

Although the note seems to refer to Chinese law, I think it’s generally good advice not to take drugs and go whoring. There’s conceivably a lot of money changing hands and regulation on the industry is lax to say the least if you happen to get screwed over. In other words, you want to keep your wits about you.

So now with the combo activity out of the question, you’re left with the eternal question: Do I take drugs or do I go whoring at the Star Hotel tonight? Well, China doesn’t play around when it comes to drug laws. Punishment is strict, and for serious cases of which they include trafficking, you can even get the death penalty.

Prostitution can get you five to ten as long as there is nothing extra-sinister like violence or under-age stuff going on. In extreme cases like that you can also be looking at a death penalty. It’s no walk in the park either but I guess if you’re going to roll the legal dice, it’s better to go whoring than take drugs especially considering the English message is aimed at foreigners who could more easily be mistaken for drug traffickers.

So, I think what we can all take from this well-worded Warm Notice is that when you visit the Star Hotel in China, you should play it safe and just go whoring.

Source: Imgur, Embassy of the PRC in the USA, Criminal Law of the PRC – Article 358 (English) via Byokan Sunday (Japanese)