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Back in 2012, we brought you news about Omote 3D Shashin Kan creating extremely detailed figures of yourself! We brought you the story from the store opening, to our intrepid Mr. Sato’s visit, and the final unveiling of the mini-Sato! For those who were interested in getting their own figure, but didn’t live in Japan, or couldn’t book a reservation in time, or thought it was too expensive, we’ve got some great news for you! And believe us when we say, it might be your wildest dreams come true!

A new product from DMM allows you to create a figure with your likeness. You might be thinking that this is just Omote 3D Shashin Kan all over again, but you’d be wrong. Here’s where it’s different: you take the photos yourself. It’s quite simple as any old photos will do as long as they match their specific proportions. This means you no longer have to make a special trip to the store and don’t have to spend 15 minutes while a special camera scans you. But wait there’s more! For only 9,900 yen (about US$99) you submit those four photos of your head and get your own figurine! What about the body you ask? This might be the best part. You can choose a body from a wide selection of costumed bodies!

DMM claims it is the first of its kind in the world. A chance to put your head on a costumed figurine. For female bodies, the options include nurse, police officer, Chinese dress, sailor outfit and even the DMM receptionist! For male bodies there are options like uniform, civil war military commander, baseball player, soccer player, hero, etc.

▼What do you want? What do you want? What do you want?

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A suit! A suit! A black suit, please!

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If you want to get your head on one of these figurines, the steps are really simple.

First, choose the body you want.

Second, take four pictures of your head. Make sure you follow their instructions for how to take the pictures. Next, you upload them to their site.

▼Even cellphone pictures are OK!

3D figure picture

Finally, fill out their order form!

Finished products will be between 13-15 cm (5-6 inches) tall, and take about 14-21 days to complete.

New costumes will be added every month, so keep checking the site to see if your desired costume has arrived. Current figures are only available in adult men and women styles, but children’s costumes will be added very soon.

If you can secretly photograph your friends, these could make a great birthday present or anniversary gift or even a wedding cake topper! Here’s hoping DMM can continue to come up with exciting costumes for their figures!

Images: DMM.make
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