Mini Sato

Now that was fast!

It was just 10 days ago that we were detailing our adventurous reporter’s trip to the newly opened Omote 3D Shashin Kan photography studio to be scanned and turned into an ultra-detailed model, and we were told that it’d be a month before the finished product arrived. But would you believe it’s already here! In our sweaty little hands!

And the result is spectacular.

We couldn’t believe it when the parcel from 3-D photography experts PARTY arrived in the post yesterday (thank-you!!!); far sooner than we’d expected.

With trembling hands, Mr. Sato carefully opened the box as the rest of the team gathered around to get a peek at the model based on the 3-D data scan taken in Omotesando. Could it really be possible to create genuinely accurate 3-D models of a living, breathing human? And what about a super reporter? Surely his natural charisma and charm couldn’t be captured by a few pieces of high-tech gadgetry.

Well, apparently they could…

▼ Presenting: two intricately detailed Mini Satos!!!

Mini Sato arrives

To say the team was impressed would be an understatement. We’d seen photos of the collections of figures on display at Omote 3D’s studio, but without knowing the human models on whom they’re based it’s hard to judge just how accurate they are. But we know Mr. Sato well, and everything from his laugh lines to the shape of his ears was captured perfectly.

It’s hard to believe that we live in an age when we can have ourselves reproduced as a tiny model with just a few minutes of standing still.

▼From this…

Mr Sato being scanned

▼… to this…

Mr Sato scan data

▼… to this!

Mini sato surprisingly big

Wow. Just wow.

“It’s bizarre seeing yourself – your exact self – as a tiny figure;” said our Mr. Sato. “I can’t believe how much detail is here. These things would make the best commemorative gift or birthday present!”

Since we ordered the largest size available, we were initially concerned that the 3-D scanner and modelling process would gloss over some areas or that the overall image would be a little blurred. If anything, though, the larger sized figure simply allows us to see even more of our quirky reporter’s features. The creases in his jeans; that smirk we know and love; it’s all here!

The only bad news is that the revolutionary 3-D photography studio is set to close from the middle of January next year and that it’s completely booked up between now and the moment the doors close on January 14. But with work of this quality, we have absolutely no doubt that the group will be launching similar projects, or that others will follow in their footsteps in the near future because this is simply too awesome not to become a permanent feature!

We certainly look forward to seeing more from PARTY, the group behind Omote 3-D, and any similar projects in the near future.

In the meantime, take another quick look at what could well be the first step towards the the future of photography. Stunningly handsome, we’re sure you’d agree:

Mini sato top

▼We hadn’t expected the detail on Mr. Sato’s sweater to show up, but there it is!

mini sato's sweater detail

▼From the right

mini sato right side

▼ From the left

mini sato left side

▼From behind!

mini sato back

mini sato back lower

▼They even shipped him in a custom-made case! Classy.

Mini Sato packaging
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