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Attack on Titan may be best known for its iconic giant monsters and cool weaponry, but among the many secrets to the hit anime and manga’s success is its extremely compelling setting. With its cast of human characters forced to live within the confines of their walled city, fans have only been provided with fleeting glimpses of the outside world. Does the story take place on Earth? Is it set in the distant past, or maybe the far-flung future?

As part of walking that fine line, when signs, books, and other writings pop up in Attack on Titan, they’re not rendered in anything that looks like a real-world language. Although actually, some eagle-eyed fans found a way to decipher a portion of the series’ text, and what they found was rather like the Titans themselves: one part shocking, one part baffling, and just a little bit comical.

UPDATE: Hajime Isayama, author of Attack on Titan, has issued a statement saying that he was not responsible for the garbled text hidden in this issue of the popular manga. Click here for more info.

Original story:

The discovery came in the newest chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, which included the set of panels below (we’ve taken the liberty of erasing contents of the text bubbles, for anyone who’s not quite caught up to this point yet).

TC 1

We see two members of Attack on Titan’s Scout Corps, one of the three branches of the story’s military, taking while one looks at a handbill. At first glance, it appears to be covered in what looks like generic fantasy-world writing.

Had this scene been in the animated adaptation of Attack on Titan, it’s likely no one would have been able to decipher the passage. However, since this is the manga, some readers figured out that by simply flipping the page upside down, the secret meaning was revealed.

TC 3

Believe it or not, those are actually Japanese characters, specifically the angular script called katakana. Usually, katakana is only used for writing foreign loanwords, and sometimes older women’s names, in Japanese, so it’s a little odd to see an entire passage made up of it, plus the handwriting’s not the most legible. But nonetheless, this is still a secret message concealed in Attack on Titan’s artwork.

Could it be an exciting revelation from series creator Hajime Isayama, telling us the origins of the terrifying Titans? Do we finally get to find out what’s in that locked room in protagonist Eren’s ruined childhood home? Even better, could it be the release date of the long-rumored continuation to the Attack on Titan anime!?

Enough suspense, let’s take a look at what the paper says, first in Japanaese.

TC 2

Gu choki pa gu choki pa gu choki pa
de nani tsukurou nani tsukurou
Migi te ha chinko de hidari te ha manko de
Sekkusu sekkusu
Namamugi nama gome nama tamago
Shimoneta matsuri da wassho

Which translates as (look away now, kids):

Rock scissors paper, rock scissors paper, rock scissors paper
So, what should I make, what should I make
In my right hand, a wiener, in my left hand, a pussy
Sex sex
Raw barley, raw rice, raw eggs
Talking dirty all day, all right!

You know, as much as we all hate the wait between installments of Attack on Titan, maybe it’s time for Isayama to take a break. We think the pressure of writing the world’s hottest comic is starting to affect his brain.

Source: Jin
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