There will be a special collaboration insert included in the June edition of the Kodansha-produced beauty magazine, VOCE (pronounced Vo-che), on sale April 23rd. Each magazine will come with one Attack on Titan face pack by the makers of the kabuki face pack, Isshindo Hompo, and feature Attack on Beauty!!

Attack on Titan‘s story artist Hajime Isayama commented on the real likeness and impact of the giant titan face mask. “This is the first time I’ve ever worn a face pack. I figure it’s usually difficult to show someone what you look like with one on, with this face pack, it would be a shame not to show anyone, and I think it’s a great and innovative product.”


Additionally, Isshindo Hompo has produced a number of unique masks, including the kabuki face mask and the animal face mask, and not only are they safe, but are packed with deep beautifying ingredients. The masks appeal not only to Attack on Titan fans, but beauty-loving women who use masks on a daily basis, and were made ensuring the highest quality.

Not only selling a breakthrough total of 44,000,000 comics, Attack on Titan has been featured in numerous media outlets overseas, and this time will be presented in VOCE’s signature beauty style unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Featuring tips like an “Attack on Titan Pressure Point Map” for putting pressure on facial muscles to achieve a smaller-looking face (something many Japanese strive for and consider beautiful), and model Saya Ichikawa’s Levi make-up HOW TO guide, the magazine features a 14-page spread of new themed content you won’t find anywhere else.



This Attack on Titan collaboration is only available this one time in the June edition of VOCE. Be sure to give VOCE a read and experience a new “Attack on Titan world”!

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