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The other day we brought you news about Brazilian style cup noodles and as the saying goes, you eat with your eyes before your mouth and we’re sure many of you became suddenly hungry after looking at the picture. Even though you knew it was Cup Noodle, that didn’t stop you from salivating at the words “BBQ” and “Brazilian spices”. Seeing instant ramen undoubtedly brings the thoughts of, “I wonder if I could make my own ramen noodles myself, instead of whatever is in this Styrofoam cup.” Starting from July, you can and this new product from Waganse is just as easy as “making” a Cup Noodle and probably a whole lot healthier too.

Maker of small electronic appliances and other miscellaneous goods, Waganse has made making noodles as easy as “adding the flour and water and pushing the button.” In July, they will begin to sell this fully automatic noodle maker under the product name of “O-uchi de Noodle” or “Noodles at Home”.  Being fully automatic, with the “making” limited to measuring the amount of flour and water, it comes with the heavy price tag of 25,380 yen (about US$249). So what can we expect from such an expensive noodle machine?

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Like we mentioned before, this thing is fully automatic. There is no mixing, kneading or sending the dough through a noodle press. You simply add the flour and water and push a button. It’s only one touch to delicious homemade noodles!

Not only does it specialize in making spaghetti, Japan’s favorite Italian pasta, it also makes ramen, soba, udon, and Italian pastas including penne and gnocchi. And with 10 different noodle attachments, we are certain that it will not be limited to those few.

Another one of the highlights is a serving for two (about 250 grams) takes only 12 minutes to crank out. That’s a speed you’d be hard-pressed to match by hand.

And of course you can spice things up by adding your own ideas for ingredients, including vegetable paste and sauces, to create your own original flavor of noodle. Now you aren’t just left to putting flavors on top of your pasta noodles, you can infuse it into them!


If you’re craving some homemade pasta without the skills to do it yourself, look for this fantastic appliance from early July. This is a product that could steal the show and really improve your eating habits, especially if you’re a Cup Noodle kinda person.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Images: Hachima Kikou, My Navi Woman, Global Foods Online