Tired of work you say? Well, animals are sick of it, too.

Pretty much everyone has had enough of the daily grind. Thankfully, we humans have plenty of entertainment options available to make life worth living, like stuffing our stomachs with monster-sized sushi rolls for example.

But while we may be self-sufficient when it comes to self-amusement, some cats apparently need a little help.

When Japanese Twitter user @pachipachi003 went to a local cat cafe, they were surprised to find a depressed Scottish Fold staring into the distance. Its glazed, lifeless eyes looked almost as if work had sucked the very soul out of the poor animal.

“There was a cat who was just tired of life at the cat cafe.”


With head resting carelessly on an armrest and body limp, anyone who works on Mondays would instantly recognize the I-can’t-do-this-anymore posture.

A few netizens were concerned that the Scottish Fold might have been suffering from illness or abuse, particularly since its right eye appeared rather cloudy in the photo.

▼ But @pachipachi003 reassured them with another photo
that it was a perfectly healthy cat.


▼ We know the feeling all too well, little one.


Japanese netizens found it hilarious that a cat could resemble a human so much:

“Its eyes are saying, ‘How long must I continue entertaining these hoomans?’”
“That’s what happens when you do too many shifts.”
“That’s how I look like on weekends.”
“I want to feed it treats.”
“The face of despair.”

The Scottish Fold might have been depressed to discover its friends succumbing to the deadly feline parvovirus infection that ravaged one cat cafe, but chances are that it was simply taking a well-deserved rest. Take it easy there, pal.

Source: Twitter/@pachipachi003 via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@pachipachi003