Who doesn’t love cats making cute noises?

Cats make all kinds of noises, from the soft mew of greeting to the more pleading meow for attention and the “I’m hungry so feed me now” yowl. But people who don’t own cats might not know that cats also chirp to attract prey like birds and bugs. Put them in front of a window–or put on the laser pointer–and you’ll probably hear them make a noise like a short, high-pitched squeak, or better yet, a funny little “cakcakcak” noise.

Perhaps that’s why this video of a cute cat chirping at the birds outside was so popular on Twitter. Uploaded by Twitter user @suicaco, the video shows a lazy ginger cat listening to the birds outside and chirping in response, which inspired many other netizens to share silly videos of their own cats chirping.

In this video, the kitty is laying contentedly with its head on its owner’s arm, looking off into the distance. That alone is cute enough, but the little chirp noises it makes at the tweeting birds outside are simply adorable. The sound of the birds is a little faint, so it might be hard to hear, but it definitely sounds like the cat is talking to them.

▼ Perhaps it’s saying, “I hear you out there, but I’m gonna try to catch you later because I’m too tired right now.”

The sweet kitty and its little, staccato, chirp-like meows won the heart of Japanese Twitter users, who were inspired to share their own videos of cats chirping at birds:

“My cat makes a noise like a porn star when it sees a bird.”

“My cat reacting to a bird on the rooftop.”

“My cat also likes to talk to birds. Sorry for my dirty veranda!”

“My cat makes noises too.” (You may need headphones for this one, since it’s faint.)

“Mine is in the process of turning into a crow.”


▼ There’s no comment on this one, but to us it almost sounds like some kind of video game sound effect.

Yet another reason why cats are adorable…who doesn’t love it when they make cute little chirping noises? Now when a cat makes strange demon noises? That’s a little bit more on the terrifying side. But we still love them anyway.

Source: Twitter/@suicaco via Hamster Sokuho
Featured image: Twitter/@trr821

Insert image: Twitter/@suicaco
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