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Most countries in the West are finally coming to the end of their own “Let it Go” boom, with the song from Disney’s hit animation now only being played, sung, and hummed about as often as other songs at the top of the charts as opposed to on loop every single minute of the day. But due to the animated film’s late release in Japan, the craze is still going strong over here, and Frozen is still pretty much everywhere.

Thankfully, some Japanese fans are giving our ears a break by opting to sing some other songs from the film, and couples lip-syncing to “Love is an Open Door” have become an increasingly common sight on YouTube. The pair pictured above, though, took a slightly different approach and opted not for sickly-sweet smiles and acting like prim and proper princesses, but for manic hair-whipping, giant flared nostrils, rolled eyeballs and enormous mouths.

For those who have yet to hear “Love is an Open Door”, or “Tobira Akete” as it’s known over here, as sung by Frozen‘s Japanese voice actors Sayaka Kanda and Tsuda Eisuke, here it is complete with English and Japanese subtitles.

Kind of cute, right? And we have to admire the effort Disney Japan put into matching the Japanese lyrics with the original animation.

And now, here’s the version by our excitable Japanese schoolgirl friends.

The speed at which they go from this:

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to this:

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is kind of terrifying, but we’re not in the least bit surprised that their video has garnered more than 15,000 views to date, and that number is sure to keep on climbing.


Source/screenshots: YouTube