Bambi バンビ Lost Time watch bracelet bangle accessory

I never understood the date-megane (lensless glasses) fad that has been all the rage in much of Asia. Ok, so maybe you want to change up your look once in a while or feel smart before taking your midterms, but wouldn’t it make sense to put in some non-prescription lenses? That way you could at least avoid a Three Stooges eye poke.

Now, for those of you who are done fiddling around with nose-pinching plastic, here comes another mystifying fashion item: faceless watches. Read on to find out a little more about this accessory and the public’s reaction. We’ve included a few other options too, if the last thing you want to do is live by the clock!

The “Lost Time” faceless watches were created by Bambi, a well-established Japanese company that specializes in wristwatches and interchangeable bands in a rainbow of colors. The company even provided OEM parts for famous Swiss watchmakers. So why did a team of horologists that value time above all else design a curious doohickey that seems to laugh in its face?

▼ Japan must be serious about watches. Who knew such a niche magazine existed?

What time? free magazine watch, Japan, マガジン

It turns out, the “Lost Time” fashion accessory, which goes on sale in mid-July, was created to be an item that will remind the wearer to enjoy the moment and not forget what’s really important in life (or confuse people around you, like my friend who peeled off the stickers and made an all-black Rubik’s Cube). The ad also said, “Show off your wild side by letting others know that you don’t care about the time!” The bracelet retails for 4,800 yen (US $47), and optional bands in brown, red, or beige cost 2,300 yen ($22.60) each.

▼ A watch for tsundere types? “I-It’s not like I want to tell time or anything! I don’t even like watches!”

Bambi Lost Time watch bracelet bangle, Japan バンビ ロストタイム

And here’s a sampling of Japanese netizens’ mixed reviews:

Cool! Wish it cost less.

They should lose the band too!

You could just pretend that you’re wearing this and have the same effect, right?

Put on some rubber bands, they’re more useful.

Unless you’re completely naked, you’ve given yourself up to societal restraints. Putting something on isn’t going to express that you’re wild and free.

Just draw one on and always make it snack time!

▼ Seems like a pretty popular idea (you could also go permanent):

drawn on wristwatch, draw watch, watch tattoo

If your boss tells you to get a watch, this will be great!

You can just look at your cell phone anyway.

Re: Silly! The wristwatch was invented to avoid having to take out your pocket watch every time. Now you’re taking out your phone every time?

Isn’t this bondage gear?

I bet this watch is only visible to smart people.

I thought it was a Dyson fan:

Dyson air multiplier Cool Fan

So, if you’re the time-conscious type you’re probably better off with a regular wristwatch, unless you can get your arm hairs to function as a sort of sundial. Though the people who buy this probably rely on their iPhone 5 to keep them on schedule anyway, right?

Lastly, for your amusement, here are some other “timeless” timepieces!

▼ Haldimann’s H8, a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture that doesn’t reveal the time no matter how long you look at it (the action starts at 1:45). It’ll also set you back 200,000 bucks!

▼ Julia Rothman’s temporary but affordable watch tattoos, available at Tattly:

Julia Rothman temporary watch tattoo, Tattly

Dae-Hoon Jung’s futuristic Dial Phone, masquerading as a bangle!

Dae-Hoon Jung Dial Phone 2009 bangle watch

Dae-Hoon Jung 2009 rotary Dial Phone watch bangle bracelet

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