It’s a simple style inspired by the world of skateboarding, with an unusual touch meant only for Japanese consumers. 

Wristwatches comes in all shapes and sizes–from transforming toy watches to anime-themed sports watches and daily wear. If you’re someone who likes luxury brands and limited-edition products, and has some pretty deep pockets, then you might like Gucci’s new Japan-only Grip watch.

As part of the new series of Grip watches released last year, this watch is modeled after the skateboarding world of the 1970s, taking the grip tape of skateboards, which keep your sneakers from slipping off the board, as inspiration. It’s got a simple face in the trademark gold color of the brand, and only displays the date and time in small, unobtrusive windows. Of course, the part that draws the eye most is likely the big white and blue katakana characters that read “Gucci”, and those are what mark this watch as a Japan-exclusive product.

The watch’s case is made of quartz with a yellow-gold physical vapor deposition (PVD) finish for durability, and the interlocking golden links of the band–also finished with yellow-gold PVD–are engraved with the Gucci logo for additional elegance. The watch is carefully designed to have a clean fit on your wrist and is also water resistant for up to three meters (9.8 feet) of depth.

▼ The back of the watch will also let you know that it can only be purchased in Japan.

This Japan-exclusive Gucci Grip watch retails for 253,000 yen (US$2357.11), but despite the luxury brand name attached to it and its Japan-exclusive design, reactions on Japanese Twitter have been less than enthusiastic, with comments including:

“Unbelievably lame.”
“This totally looks like a cheap knockoff.”
“I laughed so hard when I saw the photos.”
“This is the dumbest-looking watch Gucci has ever made.”
“250,000 yen? Looks more like it should cost 3,000.”
“Is Gucci serious?”
“I think they’re counting on YouTubers to buy them ironically.”
“Speechless that these are sold out.”

Despite all the snickering, though, the watch is currently sold out on Gucci’s online shop. If happen to be a fan, you can contact Gucci’s customer service, or get one wherever Gucci products are sold (in Japan, only, of course).

Source: Watchnavi Salon via Yahoo! News via Itai News, Twitter/グッチ 時計
Images: Gucci

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