Giant Marilyn Monroe

An 8-ton statue of Marilyn Monroe has been unceremoniously deposited in a dump in southern China, putting the American beauty in a hilariously bizarre position.

Giant Marilyn was once seen towering over visitors to Guigang Prefecture’s “Chinatown.” Here she is smiling as she tries to keep her billowing white dress from blowing skyward.

Marilyn Monroe4

Marilyn Monroe5

The 8.18 meter tall statue has been criticized for its resemblance to artist Seward Johnson’s “Forever Marilyn” statue, depicting the actress in an almost identical pose from her iconic film, The Seven Year Itch.

But as it turns out, China’s Giant Marilyn is no longer being viewed by the public. She was recently taken down and moved to a far less glamorous location.

▼ She’s so huge, heavy machinery was brought in to tame the woman in white.Marilyn Monroe7

▼ Oh myyy!Marilyn Monroe8

Standing on her two feet, high above the crowds, Giant Marilyn looks quite classy despite her enlarged stature. However, she begins to take on a uncharacteristically comical appearance once she’s been lowered and laid horizontally just before being shipped off to her final resting place at a dump in Guigang Prefecture.

We realize she’d be very difficult to ship standing up, but you would think they would give Giant Marilyn the dignity of propping her upright once she reached her unglamorous destination.

▼ No such luck.Giant Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe3

Poor Giant Marilyn. At least she can still smile with her face nestled in a pile of trash.

Source: Toychan