If any Hatsune Miku fans find themselves in China’s Guangxi Province, they might want to stop by the city of Yulin for an unexpected surprise, because it’s in this city that the Vocaloid singing sensation has gotten a fast food restaurant dedicated to her, though likely not in any official capacity.


Aptly named 初音同萌 (Hatsune with “Moe“) or “Moe to Hatsune,” the restaurant is covered in Miku themed decorations, from giant wall decals of leeks to Miku nendoroids at the counter.



Their menu (which interestingly features an image of the Going Merry) consists mostly of delicious looking fast food chicken items, but there are a few other dishes, as well as desserts.


From their wide menu to their fun character themed atmosphere, they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. As an added bonus, they are also cosplayer friendly. hm5

[Via Hachima Kikou]

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