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One of the essential items for getting through Japan’s hot and humid summer is an uchiwa, or paper fan. With its large surface area and long handle, you can work up more of a breeze with an uchiwa than a dainty folding fan.

Unfortunately, you might work up a bit of a sweat as you furiously fan yourself, which kind of negates the whole purpose of using a fan to begin with. Thankfully, there’s now a way to get around all that manual labor with a USB-powered uchiwa.

The fan itself in manufacturer Thanko’s USB uchiwa kit is nothing special. What justifies its 3,980-yem (US$39) price tag, though, is the apparatus it’s attached to.

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Simply plug the contraption into your USB port, and sit back to enjoy a nice, relaxing breeze.

As the video above shows, there are two speed settings, with the stronger capable of producing some pretty impressive gusts. The range of the fanning motion can also be adjusted, as can the height the fan stands at.

There are a couple downsides to this technological luxury, though. First, while we’re sure the wind it produces feels soothing to your skin and soul, when the machine is in motion, it’s a little on the loud side.

▼ This woman must be one heavy sleeper.

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Second, the kit doesn’t come pre-assembled.

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This isn’t such a big problem, though, as the manufacturer has posted an instructional video that walks you through the steps.

▼ Thanks, Thanko!

As long as those two sticking points don’t bother you, you can place your pre-order for the USB uchiwa kit right here. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants a touch of traditional Japanese culture, doesn’t like the chilled air spat out by air conditioning units, or just wants to remind the machines that they’re still subservient to their human masters.

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Images: Thanko
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