Back in Street Fighter II‘s heyday, I was always bothered by Chun-Li’s claim to be “the strongest woman in the world.” It’s odd in the first place that she would put a glass ceiling over herself by claiming to be only the strongest woman rather than the strongest person, but this is only magnified by the fact she was (at the time) the only woman in the global tournament.

However, now new animated gif evidence has emerged revealing why Chun-Li was so hung up on calling herself the strongest woman. It seems she spends most of her time randomly attacking other females with fireballs and spinning bird kicks without warning.

Seeing as Chun-Li is a street fighter, everyone should know that getting out on the road is just asking for a lightning kick or dozen.

But she’s been known to go off-road too!

Heck, she’ll even get you in your home, school, or place of business… especially if your business is dancing.

We don’t know why Chun-Li is compelled to trip and tackle every woman she meets, but we advise all women to keep a safe distance from anyone wearing ridiculously large spiky bracelets. That should just be common sense though really…

Source: Curazy (Japanese)
Images: GIFSec, Sadmoment, Kakanews

Thank you Coba Fesbuk for pointing out that these GIFs come from a video by Street Troller on YouTube.