We’re a little worried the house is going to be torn down in an enormous Spinning Piledriver

These days children’s toys come in a plethora of varieties and characters. Especially in Japan, where the wide array of anime like Doraemon, Yokai Watch, and Pretty Cure garner huge popularity, you can find all kinds of cute and fun toys for kids in whatever genre you like. But some of the old favorites, like Barbies and Hot Wheels, still hold on to their legacy of adoration.

Sylvanian Families is one of them. Though it saw some ups and downs in the course of its 20-year history, the franchise is still going strong in Japan. Their toys are mostly made up of anthropomorphic creatures like squirrels, rabbits, bears, and mice, which often come in multi-story dollhouses that can be rearranged and customized as you like. It’s easy to see why it would be a popular toy for children.

▼ Look at how cute and colorful and orderly it is!

One dad bought a two-story Sylvanian Families house for his three-year-old daughter, expecting her to really enjoy playing with the bunnies dressed in ’50s clothing, but he didn’t imagine that his wife would take over the home in the funniest way.

▼ “I bought a My First Sylvanian Families House for my daughter today but by my wife’s hand it became ‘My First Siberian Families House’.”

She’d replaced the cute bunnies with not one, not two, but seven Zangiefs. If you’re not in the know, Zangief is a buff, hairy Russian national war hero from Street Fighter who spends his time fighting bears (and he’s got the scars to prove it). That’s kind of the total opposite of a cute, modestly dressed bunny.

There are many questions we have about this photo. One has to wonder, first off, why are there so many Zangiefs? Do they all live together? How do they not destroy the house? Are they going to fight for the one rice omelette in the middle of the table?

Also…is that Chun-Li hanging from the ceiling? What….what’s she doing there? And what is Cammy doing under the table? Is she okay? Ryu is also hiding in the doorway…Did he happen on this scene by chance and is now uncertain what to do?

With all the pointing and gesturing, the strange positioning, not to mention the frying pan….We have no idea what is going on in this scene, but the possibilities are endless, and hilarious.

Naturally, Japanese Twitter immediately loved it.

“Your wife is awesome hahaha”
“Your wife’s sense of humor is so so unexpectedly fantastic.”
“I would not want to live in a house like that! (@_@;)”
“Omg Cammy and Chun-Li hahaha”
“I laughed so hard! Your wife has a good sense of humor.

It turns out, though, that there was one person who wasn’t a fan of the scene: their three-year-old daughter. She kept saying, “No Zangief! Don’t put Zangief in there!” But Mom was having way too much fun, and Dad loved it too (“My wife doesn’t mess around when it comes to messing around.”), so it looks like she’ll have to wait her turn.

Japanese Twitter is a pretty good place to find lots of wholesome and hilarious family fun. Like a little brother observing his older brother study, or when a dad tested his daughter’s boyfriend’s worthiness, there’s so much love (and humor) to go around.

Source: Twitter/@GenjimaruP
Top Image: Twitter/@shirauzutaisa