A die-hard otaku’s best friend!

Being in love with a 2-D character is the hardest kind of love there is. No matter how much you might try to win their affection or take them with you on vacation, the reality is that they’re never going to be truly with us in the physical world, even if we marry them.

Luckily, there are lots of ways for devoted fans to keep their 2-D loves alive, like anime pillows with breast implants, vast collections of anime figurines, and mountains of character merchandise. And now, starting in 2020, there will be one more, realistic way to bring your 2-D romance closer to real life: a perfume designed to smell like them.

▼ Spray it on your pillow so you can feel like they’re sleeping next to you!

Japanese company Scenery Scent, which already offers services providing scent effects of food, nature, and daily life for plays and events, is working on producing fragrances that represent some of Japan’s most beloved characters, called Virtual Fragrances. Between anime crushes, virtual idols, video game characters, and even important historical figures, Scenery Scent plans to bring your favorite non-real person to life with a realistic scent that represents them.

Virtual Fragrances are produced with the help of an AI that scours Twitter and other social network services to pick up keywords about a particular character. Then, it picks some of the most widely used phrases and associates a fragrance to them, which the aroma experts combine into that character’s particular scent.

▼ Spray it on your boyfriend to make him smell like your one true (2-D) love!

Each fragrance will be carefully calculated based on the personality and attributes of the character it represents, so it won’t just be any old perfume. According to a promotional video for Scenery Scent’s event services, the psychology of smell has played a major role in the development of their aromas. That means each one will be a unique fragrance that really brings out the character’s charms!

▼ You could even use it for cosplay purposes!

The service is expected launch in spring of 2020 to be used as an event special effect, such as spraying the scent in the air when a character appears on stage. The company also plans to implement it into virtual reality games and programs, and, in the biggest fan-servicing ambition, to sell the scent in bottles for die-hard fans to pick up and enjoy on their own.

So whose scent are you going to buy when it goes on sale? I bet it would be perfect to spray one on your talking anime pillow!

Source: Nijimen, Scenery Scent
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