You may want to refrain from using these yummy-smelling bath powders when you’re hungry!

It appears that Village Vanguard, the bookstore & miscellaneous goods shop that keeps entertaining us with off-beat and unexpected products, has done it again. These new items recently released by the shop come in quite deceptive packages … because they certainly don’t look like something you would use in the bath, do they?

▼ The packages all feature tasty-looking foods that are popular in Japan, but trust us, these aren’t edible items!


As mouth-watering as the pictures on the packages may look, these are actually bath powders meant to be poured into a bath, but smell like different foods!


If you’ve ever been comforted by a hot bowl of miso soup with a traditional Japanese breakfast, well, we guess this miso-soup scented bath powder is one way to relive the experience, at least via your olfactory sense.

▼ Miso-soup is definitely a Japanese comfort food, warm and soothing.


Or, if ramen is your favorite Japanese food, you can take the aroma of the well-loved noodle dish with you into your bath with ramen-scented bath powder!

Ramen is practically a national obsession with the Japanese — why not bathe in its scent as well?


Yup, you can imagine how these bath powders might make you crave some rice. And there are several other flavors, or scents rather, available too!

▼ There’s a beef bowl, or gyudon (sweet braised beef and vegetables on rice) scented bath powder that’s sure to tempt your taste buds (or nose, we’re not quite sure which) …


▼ … and also curry-scented bath powder if you want to spice up your bath!


▼ They also have one in a Korean jjigae (stew) style hot-pot scent. Mmmmm … hot and spicy!


▼ And lastly, there’s the Japanese-style fried noodles (yakisoba) scented bath powder, that should also make your mouth water with its Worcestershire sauce-like scent.


All the bath powders are available from Village Vanguard’s online store for 324 yen (US$3.14) per package. One thing’s for certain: these bath powders are guaranteed to make you hungry, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve had your meal before you dip into a bath using one of them. Hmm … we do wonder, though, how clean you’ll feel if you come out of the bath smelling of food. We guess you’ll only find out if you actually try using the powder. Here’s wishing anyone brave enough to try a happy bath time!

Source: Village Vanguard online store via Japaaan Magazine
Images: Village Vanguard online store