The folks at Häagen-Dazs Japan clearly know they’re onto a good thing with their special-edition ice creams, and there seems to be no stopping their creativity. With Japonais, Rose and Sakura, and even Vegetable flavours all appearing within the last six months alone, there’s seemingly always something sweet on the horizon. And now, before summer has even had a chance to break in its beach sandals, the ice cream giant has unveiled three decidedly autumnal flavours.

They may be arriving little early in the year, but it’s hard to make fun of a company that keeps on delivering in the taste department, and we have to admit that Häagen-Dazs new offerings do sound rather appealing.

From August 8, ice cream fans will be able to pick up a mini cup of new Waguri (Japanese Chestnut) ice cream, along with a deliciously mauve Sweet Potato Crispy Sandwich.


A month later on September 8, the limited-edition Pumpkin ice cream will go on sale. All three have a suggested retail price of 263 yen (US$2.59) excluding tax, which seems about right for products carrying Häagen-Dazs’s exotic European (although ultimately made up) name.

Rest assured we’ll give these a good ol’ nibble when they become available and let you know if they’re safe for consumption!

Source: Häagen-Dazs Japan h/t Netorabo
Images via Häagen-Dazs Japan