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With Japan’s love of travel and fictional characters, it was really only a matter of time before hotels started offering rooms based on popular animated franchises. You can always count on Disney to have its finger on the pulse of travelers, and sure enough the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel has a block of rooms decorated with the cast of its classic films.

It’s been six years since the hotel opened, though, and management has decided it could use a little sprucing up, So next year the character rooms are being renovated, with some returning favorites getting new amenities plus the hotel debut of a few more.

Three of the four new rooms will be available starting February 14 of next year, just in time for Disney-loving lovebirds to book their Valentine’s Day accommodations. The changeover means Snow White and Peter Pan are retiring from the hotel business, in order to make room for new Beauty and the Beast and Tinker Bell rooms

▼ Snow White can always fall back on the income from the dwarves’ gem mine, but we’re not sure how Pan is going to make ends meet.

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February 14 will also be guests first chance to stay in the updated Alice in Wonderland room. So far Disney has only released a concept sketch, but if it’s an accurate representation of the finished product, the refreshed room looks to be quite a bit more colorful than the one it’s replacing, while still retaining nods to iconic characters such as the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and Queen of Hearts.

▼ The current Alice room….

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▼ ….and the upcoming one. Note the lack of any freaky imagery taken from the 2010 Tim Burton-directed live-action film, so as not to give visitors nightmares.

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Cinderella has also survived the round of cuts, although the new version of her room won’t be ready until March 18.

The hotel is expecting high demand, as it’s setting up 63 Alice rooms, 52 for Beauty and the Beast, 47 for Tinker Bell, and 20 for Cinderella. Room sizes are, by Japanese standards, rather regal, with floor space ranging from 40 to 71 square meters (431 to 764 square feet).

Exact prices vary by date and season, but rates start at 45,200 yen (US$443) per night for the smallest rooms, Alice and Tinker Bell, appropriately, and climb all the way to 96,600 yen for the Cinderella room, the largest of the bunch.

Princesses aren’t known for their budget hotel choices, after all.

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