Small Japanese fashion brand gets a big boost in interest following Godzilla’s historic Oscar win.

Last Sunday was a big day for Japanese cinema. Not only did Studio Ghibli’s The Boy and the Heron become the second anime to receive the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Godzilla Minus One took home the first-ever Oscar for the franchise, in the Best Visual Effects category.

Even before that landmark victory, though, Godzilla had already scored a fashion win.

When director Takashi Yamazaki and members of the movie’s visual effects team showed up for the awards ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, they were sporting scene-stealing Godzilla shoes. Though the basic black designs are, for the most part, subtly chic, the raised heels are Godzilla claws, providing a darkly dynamic bit of flair.

As you might suspect, they’re made in Japan, but you can’t just waltz into any mall shoe shop and stride out in kaiju footwear. The Godzilla shoes are the work of fashion designer Ryosuke Matsui and his brand Hazama. Following the Academy Awards ceremony, Matsui has seen a spike in online comments asking where the shoes came from, so he posted a few more shots through his Twitter account.

Though they didn’t make the trip to the Oscars, Hazama has also crafted Godzilla boots.

However, as is often the case with fashion collaborations in Japan, Hazama’s Godzilla line appears to have been a limited-time release, as they’re not currently listed for sale. Matsui is aware that there’s a surge in renewed demand right now, though, and so in an English-language post he says “there may still be sales opportunities,” and is asking fans to help spread the word to generate enough interest for a possible re-release.

If and when that does happen, the shoes will most likely be available through the Hazama online shop, which can be found here.

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Source, top image: Twitter/@MatsuiRyosuke
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