There’s never been a better time to learn how to make one.

Being stuck at home these days, it’s certainly easy to fall into a rut. Everyone’s been finding their own ways of coping, but it certainly helps when you’re an ingenious artist and craftsman of culinary curiosities like Twitter user Takahiro Shibata (@iine_piroshiki).

According to his tweet on 18 April, Shibata’s sister said she “wanted to eat something exciting.” So, he made a cookie in the shape of a gigantic sunflower seed and she readily acknowledged that “this is exciting.”

▼ “The outer shell is cookie. The seed is chocolate. It’s an advanced fortune cookie.”

If you’re like me and enjoy both sunflower seeds and cookies, this unexpected fusion looks amazingly appetizing. Unfortunately, since it’s not sold in any stores, we’ll need the skills of Shibata to pull it off. But as luck would have it, he gave us a fighting chance and also tweeted instructions.

・How to make sunflower seed cookies

1 – Use modeling clay to make prototypes for the shell and seed.
2 – Use food grade silicone to make the two double-sided molds.
3 – Lightly coat the mold in fortune cookie dough and bake in a 200℃ (392℉) oven for 10 minutes
4 – Add another 5-mm (0.2 inch) layer of dough and bake for 13 minutes.

5 – Pour chocolate into the seed mold and chill in the fridge.
6 – Remove excess pieces from the shells and use chocolate to “glue” them together with the chocolate seed inside.
7 – Mix melted dark chocolate with salad oil and use it to paint the markings on the shell.
8 – And that’s it!

It’s certainly not a simple recipe, but it’s not an impossible one either. The first steps of making a mold seem the most daunting, but a quick search online shows that food grade silicon can be easily purchased online at reasonable prices. There’s also a bunch of YouTube videos showing how to use it.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s not only possible to recreate Shibata’s amazing cookie, but to go wild and invent your own unique confection.

Don’t feel bad if yours doesn’t quite look as good as Shibata’s though. He’s a skilled professional having created a number of quirky items such as this sponge cake that looks like an actual dish sponge that we’ve featured before

…or a cake that looks only looks normal if viewed as a photographic negative.

He also created an animated film Forget Again that was entered in the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

▼ Trailer for Forever Again

Many of these items such as key chains, pins, and earrings can be found at his online shop linked below. Be sure to stop by and pick something up if you get a chance, and maybe even take these housebound days to flex some of your own creative muscle. Who knows? You could even be the next Takahiro Shibata.

Source: Twitter/@iine_piroshiki, Takahiro Shibata Online Shop, My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@iine_piroshiki
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