Satoshi Tomizu calls his amazing creations Space Glass, and there’s really no better way to describe them.

Tomizu was born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1980, and first began making accessories with heat-resistant glass at the age of 28. That may sound like a very specific field to focus on, but we can’t question such devotion to the medium when it’s allowed Tomizu to produce pieces like these.

Inside those little glass baubles, which can be hung on a chain or cord to make a pendant, is what looks like a miniaturized pocket of the cosmos. Most contain an opal, either black or white, taking on the role of a dazzling celestial body.

The smaller clusters of stars are, in fact, specks of gold, arranged in swirls and curves that catch the light and reflect it back.

There’s so much going on inside each piece that the contents look different from every angle you gaze into the glass from, as shown in this video.

▼ Even the designs without opals are gorgeous.

If you’re finding yourself wanting one of Tomizu’s works of art, which are all hand-crafted and sold under his Plus Alpha brand, you’re not alone. Demand is actually so high that the artist has had to temporarily stop taking orders, but if you’re the patient type, you can sign up for a mailing list here if you’d like to be informed when Space Glass goes on sale once again.

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Source: Iroiro