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Following the first semifinal game of the World Cup, German football fans draped in black, red, and gold were seen celebrating in Japan’s busiest intersection, the Shibuya scramble crossing. And they sure had a lot to celebrate about.

The blowout match against Brazil saw seven goals scored by the German team, four of which came within six minutes. Most of the action took place nearest Brazil’s keeper who had to try and fend off the German forwards who were crossing the ball multiple times in front of the net as if the Brazilian defense wasn’t even there. So yes, their team through to the championship match, these German fans had every right to be celebrating and Japanese Twitter users were quick to upload their elated antics.

▼ Going to the final!

▼ It looks like they were in the middle of the street for a while…

▼ As if losing 1-7 wasn’t enough…

▼ And off they go to continue the merriment.

Many Japanese Twitter users were more surprised to see Germans in Japan than a person of any nationality taking off their shirt and wearing a flag as a cape. We’re just happy to see people going wild for their country and the game of football. Good luck on Sunday, shirtless German mystery men!

Source: My Game News Flash