So, is everyone excited about the FIFA World Cup in Brazil coming up next month? While Japan is practically on the opposite end of the world from Brazil, there’s sure to be plenty of devoted soccer fans here who will be watching the World Cup games intently. And just to make sure everyone in Japan gets even more excited about the event than they already are, Baskin Robbins Japan is coming out with a new, colorful sherbet flavor — the “Trio de Janeiro“!

trio cone

The new flavor, as its name suggests, is created in the green, yellow and blue tri-colors of the Brazilian flag and will be available from June 1. So, exactly what flavors are the three colors?

The green is kiwi-based and made from kiwi purée, which Baskin Robbins says makes the flavor particularly fruity. The yellow is lemon-flavored and contains lemon juice for a light, refreshing taste. And the blue is good ol’ blueberry, containing real blueberry juice with a nice fruity aroma. Now, doesn’t that sound tempting? And since all three colors are sherbets, and not ice cream,  it’s bound to be perfectly cool and pleasant as we head towards warmer weather in Japan.

The Trio de Janeiro sherbet, which should be just as much fun to eat as it is to say, will be priced at 330 yen (US$3.25) for a single regular scoop and is expected to be available until the end of August.

And for those of you who want something with a little more snap, Baskin Robbins will also offer the “Popping Shower Super Goal” ice cream flavor, a special version of the regular “Popping Shower” flavor sold in Japan. To make the new Popping Shower flavor extra special, the Super Goal version comes with popping candy in five different colors instead of the standard two. The Popping Shower Super Goal flavor will be available from June 12, also at 330 yen a scoop for a limited time only while supplies last.

▼The “Popping Shower Super Goal” ice cream flavor, with five explosive popping candy colors!

trio pop

Watching a World Cup game while enjoying a special Baskin Robbins treat — now, that’s definitely what we would call bliss!  If you have plans to be in Japan around the time of the World Cup, why not try the unique flavors available only during this exciting period?

Original article by: Anji Tabata (c)Pouch
Source and photos: Baskin Robbins Japan press release (Japanese) 
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