The world of martial arts tends to be a serious one. Even though fights are bound by a set of rules, one wrong move can lead to serious injuries. For that reason alone fighters must take a highly disciplined approach to training both their bodies and minds.

Japan’s Pancrase mixed martial arts is one of the stages where these dangerous confrontations unfolds. However, at Pancrase 259 in Tokyo’s Differ Ariake Arena, a fight involving flyweight Takuya Eizumi took a turn for the surreal when his winning pose drew more attention that any fight that took place that evening.

On 29 June, 2014 Eizumi fought against fellow flyweight Yusei Shimokawa. Following a unanimous judgment in his favor during the third round, Eizumi contorted his face into something vaguely reminiscent of the wall mural in E. Honda’s stage from Street Fighter II.

His face could also be paying homage to the Benny Hill of Japan, Ken Shimura and one of his many famous facial expressions.

Whatever look he’s going for, this act is best described by the Japanese expression of a doya face which encompasses a wide range of facial expressions from a subtle Dos Equis guy smugness to a full-blown iced-out grill’s grin. Despite the variety of styles, they all have the effect of expressing a “How you like me now?” type attitude. Here’s an example done by a lovable otter.

With this secret weapon in his arsenal Eizumi is sure to have all the spectators on his side. Who wouldn’t want him to win so he can pull that or some other weird face again?

Source: Pancrase – Takuya Eizumi (Japanese), YouTube – Pancrase Channel, Metro (English)
Street Fighter Image: Back of the Cereal Box
Ken Shimura Image: Amazon
Otter Image: @manbou400

Original article by Mr. Sato

▼ The face shot comes up at about 6:45

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