This Tokyo event is like a real-world Dragon Ball World Martial Arts Tournament

We half-expected Goku to show up midway through!

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Boxer Kazuto Ioka in trouble for showing tattoos during match, flips off association in response

Ioka and friends declare: “Tattoo culture is best.”

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Boxing reflex balls are the best way to make you a hit on social media

It’s the Instagram of the tiger; the thrill of the likes.

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Japanese Internet users react to Super Saiyan MMA fighter Ronda Rousey

In the world of professional fighting, there are any number of big names and talented fighters who are a joy to watch. But without question one of the biggest names, particularly in mainstream media, is Ronda Rousey. She’s become the leading icon of women’s MMA, and, some might argue, for MMA in general. With her impressive record, she’s captured the imagination and hearts of fans around the world.

And considering her status, it’s hardly surprising that someone has given her the Super Saiyan treatment! But how have Japanese Internet users reacted to seeing the fighter “enhanced” with the imagery of one of the most popular anime ever?

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Mixed martial artist shoots to fame by combining victory pose and epic gurning skills

The world of martial arts tends to be a serious one. Even though fights are bound by a set of rules, one wrong move can lead to serious injuries. For that reason alone fighters must take a highly disciplined approach to training both their bodies and minds.

Japan’s Pancrase mixed martial arts is one of the stages where these dangerous confrontations unfolds. However, at Pancrase 259 in Tokyo’s Differ Ariake Arena, a fight involving flyweight Takuya Eizumi took a turn for the surreal when his winning pose drew more attention that any fight that took place that evening.

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