Big Wave Godzilla

As if the power of the sea weren’t terrifying on its own, a Brazilian artist managed to make the wrath of Poseidon even more fearsome with the addition of Japan’s most famous monster.

Update: When originally published, this article incorrectly stated that the above image was the creation of João Victor. This is not, however the case. The creator of this image is Marco Mottura, who was inspired to draw it in upon the release of the latest Godzilla movie. RocketNews24 would like to apologise to both Mr Mottura and our readers for this oversight.

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Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa, arguably the most recognizable piece by the famous ukiyo-e painter, has been recreated by artist Marco Mottura of Italy with a modern, pop culture twist.

For those of you who may have forgotten about the beautiful artwork, here’s Hokusai’s original:


And here’s Mottura‘s stunning re-imagining:

Big Wave Godzilla

Those iconic boats seem to have disappeared, and that’s a good thing! The Great Wave is now even greater with the menacing profile of The King of Monsters, and we’d hate to witness the aftermath of a battle with the Godzilla wave!

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Image: Marco Mottura