To be honest, we’ve lost count of the number of real-life Barbies this website has seen, and the fact that we can barely tell them apart under all that makeup doesn’t make things any easier. Well, that probably goes to imply that they’ve done a great job at achieving their motives of looking like a mass-produced plastic doll.

Long hair, dainty pointy noses, big eyes, full lips, exaggerated body proportions and porcelain-like skin are a couple of things that these girls have in common, which often brings netizens to the conclusion that they’re “fake” or “plastic”. However, one of these living Barbies, Alina Kovalevskaya from Ukraine, has been claiming that she’s all-natural, and to prove that, she has posted childhood photos of herself online. Could she be the real deal? We’ve got the photos for your scrutiny after the break!

AlinaKovalevskaya (21 years old ) hails from Odessa, Ukraine, the country with the biggest real-life Barbie population known to date. She claims to be different from her other “Barbie” mates as she only achieves her doll-like look with makeup and has never gone under the knife, neither does she digitally enhanced her photos.

▼ Alina when she was about one-year-old.

▼ Three-year-old Alina (left).

▼ This was taken when she was around four or five.

▼ And this is Alina at age six to seven.


▼ Already looking like a beautiful doll at around ten or eleven.

▼ Finding her makeup style at around 16-years-old.

▼ And this is the grown-up Alina Kovalevskaya we’re more familiar with.




▼ She actually looks pretty normal without all that doll-eye makeup.AOow0BOL5sk




▼ Alina without colored contact lenses. She said her natural eye color is green, though she prefers blue or gray eyes, which is why she usually uses colored lenses.WcfxwXhnBqc

Now that you’ve seen photos of young Alina, what’s your verdict, Rocketeers? Share your views in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Alina Kovalevskaya on VK