Do you remember seeing the photos of Japan’s jaw-dropping “Lady of Eternal Youth” Masako Mizutani? Or how about the unbelievably young-looking 42-year-old grandmother Kazuko Inoue? There’s no denying that these two ladies look vastly younger than they actually are, but if the following photos are anything to go by, they may want to make some room for a new challenger.

As featured on The Dailypedia41-year-old Zhang Tingxuan is the latest youthful-looking woman making a splash on Asian social media sites. A mother of two, Zhang even looks more like an older sister than a mother when posing next to her son. Check out the pictures after the jump.

Zhang Tingxuan is also nicknamed “The Gym Queen” because she enjoys working out at her local gym and taking care of her body with a frequent but ultra-healthy eating regimen. Her hard work sure does pay off–we don’t think it’s an understatement to say that she has looks that many women in their twenties would be jealous of!

Take a look below:


▼Taking some selfies with her 14-year-old son


▼It’s almost eerie how much they look like siblings rather than like mother and son.


▼Spending time at one of her favorite places–the gym.



Of course, we don’t know whether the above pictures were tampered with at all, or whether Tingxuan’s undergone any cosmetic surgery procedures in the past. But the following pictures seem to appear natural at least:


Lastly, here’s a photo compilation of her from YouTube. According to the video description,

“[Zhang] takes six to eight meals per day and never attempts to starve herself. In addition to taking her regular meals on time, she consumes healthy snacks such as apples whenever she feels hungry. ‘My main focus is doing regular exercises, as well as avoiding taking too much food stuffs laden with sugar.’”

It’s refreshing to see a beauty taking such care of herself–maybe that real-life Barbie girl who claims to survive on light and air could be convinced to start carrying around apples, too…

Sources/images: The DailypediaTresixty