Have your pet feeling rejuvenated both physically and spiritually after a getaway in Japan.

Pets in Japan are known to be amongst the most pampered in the world. From cosy four-wheeled strollers to elaborate kimonos and photo shoots, there’s nothing a pet can’t wish for here, and when it comes to fancy holidays and exorcisms, it now appears they can get that too.

▼ The D+KIRISHIMA inn in Kyushu is making canine dreams come true, and attracting attention from around the country, by offering spa baths, formal kaiseki meals and a ceremonial exorcism to pooches in a unique package they’re calling the “Pet Dog Exorcism Plan”.


While services for pets and their owners are continuing to pop up around the country, this particular plan is believed to be the first of its kind to offer exorcisms to dogs. The ceremonial cleansing is designed to rid pups of bad spirits while praying for their future health, and is said to be particularly useful for dogs in their “unlucky health years”. While Yakudoshi, a set of “unlucky” ages in Japan, are commonly believed to affect humans, many Japanese are surprised to hear that dogs now have some unfortunate years of their own, which, according to D+KIRISHIMA, are the ages of 7, 10 and 13.

The exorcism service is taken very seriously, and is offered by a Shinto chief priest on the grounds of the hotel in front of a shrine that is spiritually attached to the revered Kirishima Shrine, which is connected to the sacred creation myth of Japan. According to Japanese mythology, the area of Kirishima is the “kingdom of the gods” where the nation of Japan is believed to have been born.


Once pampered pooches have been spiritually cleansed, they can get down to the job of physical refreshment, in a private rotenburo outdoor bath of their very own, complete with fresh, mineral-rich onsen spa water pumped direct from the source. Owners aren’t forgotten here, with humans being provided with a larger bath of their own so they can bathe alongside their dogs on the private balcony.


▼ After that, it’s time to sit down to a formal Japanese kaiseki meal, which also caters to human and dog tastes.



As surprising as the plan itself is the cost of the getaway, which is reasonably priced at 31,000 yen (US$302.17) per room for two people and their pup, including breakfast, dinner, and exorcism ceremony. To find out more, visit their website for details.


Source, Images: @Press

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