Internet names it “Muscle Fox”, pits it against “Macho Right Hook Dog”.

With soft fur and bodies resembling dogs but with feline traits, foxes are every bit as cute as their canine cousins, even more so when hundreds of them shower you with cuddly love.

Yet when fox enthusiast @fox_info_net took a picture of his favorite animals, he could not help but notice that the sleeping forms of two foxes resembled a huge, muscular beast.

▼ Thus his beefy creation was born.

Looking like a fox crossing two massive, ripped arms across its chest, the hilarious drawing went viral as soon as it was posted, inadvertently becoming the foundation for even more creative and amusing works.

▼ That’s one fox who’s leveled up too many times.

The “Muscle Fox” rapidly gained a following, with artists and illustrators drawing their own take of the burly canine that no sane person would want to mess with…

▼ …such as the Muscle Fox Bodyguard.

▼ “I will break you like a twig, human.”

Coincidentally, the Muscle Fox phenomenon occurred around the same time another netizen took a picture-perfect moment of his Shiba Inu dog chasing its own tail.

▼ Which looked as if the dog was unleashing an incredibly powerful right hook punch.

▼ Netizens went nuts with special effects…

▼ …and the “Macho Right Hook Dog” was born.
Never underestimate the Internet.

▼ Someone even went to the extent of making figurines.

With two burly beasts of epic proportions loose, it was only a matter of time before someone thought to put the two together…

▼ …in a brawl of Muscle Fox versus Macho Right Hook Dog.

▼ Who will emerge the victor?

▼ These two would make an unbeatable wrestling tag team.

Judging at how the Japanese Internet seems to be taking it, we would not be surprised if someone actually made a fighting game out of these macho animals. Throw in a cat just as beefy, and we would have ourselves a brawling game of the century.

Source: Twitter/@fox_info_net, Twitter/@Ninjamaaaaaan via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@fox_info_net

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