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If your closet is as jammed-packed with stuff as mine is, you’re bound to come across some old school papers or pieces of artwork sooner or later. And when you do, those papers can be your ticket to a hilarious trip down memory lane as you reminisce about the good old days and wonder, “Just what was I thinking at that age?”

Take this Japanese guy, for example. Recently he unearthed a handmade picture book from his elementary school days about a superhero he created called Eggman (sounds like the stuff of legends, right?). He then uploaded the story onto an online forum, where it was quite rightly met with overwhelming praise and no end of ‘kawaii~!’ comments.

If you’re in need of something to put a smile on your face or are just in the mood for an adorable kids’ story, join us after the jump for the heroic adventures of Eggman as he attempts to put an end to the evil plans of Frying Pan Kingdom!

▼The front cover


Eggman, by XX.”

▼Page 1


“This is Egg Kingdom. Right now, Egg Kingdom is being taken over by Frying Pan Kingdom. However, Egg Kingdom has the incredibly powerful Eggman.

One day, a frying pan from Frying Pan Kingdom came and bullied an egg.

‘Wah, wah!’

‘Haha, you can’t escape!’

But no matter how trivial the issue is, Eggman will come to save the day.” 

▼Page 2


“Look, he came! Eggman yelled ‘Egg Punch!’ and took care of the frying pan.

‘Thank you, Eggman!’

▼Page 3


‘If I don’t hurry, Egg Kingdom will be captured,’ said Eggman, and he flew off to Frying Pan Kingdom.

Frying Pan Kingdom was very far away but for Eggman it was an easy journey. He flew steadily. And then…”

▼Page 4


“A great number of frying pans appeared in front of him. But then he used ‘Egg Screw Punch’ and scattered the frying pans all over the place. They were thrown far away and disappeared.

Then finally, Eggman arrived at Frying Pan Kingdom.”

▼Page 5


“Eggman wanted to defeat the evil king. Just as he thought, he was able to beat the king using his ‘Egg Ultra Thunder Flash’ technique.

Its power was so great that it even opened a hole in the hard ground.

Thanks to Eggman, his kingdom was saved and things became peaceful again. The End.”

▼Special bonus page


“‘Eggman’s Special Attacks’

1. Egg Punch: It’s the very first technique that Eggman used.

2. Egg Screw Punch: He punches while spinning around. All of his enemies go flying.

3. Egg Knock Down: Eggman becomes completely round and topples his opponent. It’s a ridiculous technique. *This technique did not appear in this book.

4. Egg Ultra Thunder Flash: He lets out an incredible lightning bolt to defeat his enemy. It’s Eggman’s ultimate technique.”

▼The back cover


Impressive artwork and storyline for an elementary school student, don’t you think? Japanese forum users sure seemed to think so, and many of them were quick to praise his raw artistic talent as a child:

‘The quality’s high for an elementary school student.”

“It depends on what grade you were in when you wrote it, but your handwriting is really easy to read.”

“[Author’s response to the above] I think I was in either fifth or sixth grade. I have a feeling that it’s actually neater than my writing nowadays…”

“Eggman’s so strong!”

“If he’s that strong he wouldn’t have enemies in the first place, haha.”

“Your book is so cute that if I were your mother I’d make it into a family heirloom.”

“‘*This technique did not appear in this book’–I laughed.”

“You’d probably be really good at the RPG Maker programs!”

“I set it to music from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX.”

As a bonus to the fans, the author even drew a new 2014 version of Eggman:


In addition, he also posted some pages from an old notebook filled up with doodles:

▼The text down the middle says “Final Fantasy III.”



We’d personally like to see an Eggman sequel–perhaps the one where Eggman saves Egg Kingdom from his menacing foes in Boiling Water Kingdom. Maybe he’ll finally get to use that Egg Knock Down technique, too!

Source/images via Kinisoku