2014.08.17 Yoda figure

While there is plenty to do during summer in Japan, the warmer months of the year can start to get on your nerves when poisonous creatures keep sun-loving crowds away from the beach, or those sweaty days in the office when you see a little more than you bargained for. And as owners of the beloved (providing the prequels are totally forgotten) Star Wars franchise, Disney has a solution for those summertime blues: a fun craft project to make a clay Yoga figurine.

Requiring little more than a printer and some modeling clay, this Yoda is sure to make any young padawan into a Jedi-level sculptor.

While your Yoda can be whatever color you deem appropriate, Disney recommends you gather the following five shades of clay: green, white, off-white, beige and brown. Next, find a toothpick and a small knife that can be used to sculpt the clay. After you’ve rounded up all your materials, download this PDF file and print out the two pages.

Now, take the first page of the instructions and place it in front of you with your five colors of clay. Mold the clay into the shapes on the paper and try to make them the same size, using the clay knife if necessary to cut off any excess clay. Look at the pictures on the second page to get an idea of how to put the different pieces together. And when you’ve finished put all of Yoda’s parts together, use the toothpick to create his eyes, hair and any tribal tattoos you think the Jedi master might have gotten during that spring break in Daytona Beach.

▼ And if you are wondering how Yoda convinced himself to get that dolphin tramp stamp…

2014.08.17 Yoda ooylImage: Memebase

Be sure to get creative with clay Yoda and add a lightsaber, a walking cane or a tiny replica of a Galactic Senate draft resolution demanding an end to the Trade Federation’s blockade of Naboo. The more authentic, the better. Happy crafting!

Image: Facebook (StarWars.jp)
Source: Net Labo