The clay replica may be tiny, but still looks as treacherous as the real deal!

The new Godzilla Resurgence movie has already been out for a few months now, but there’s already a new Godzilla in town to steal the spotlight.

User Ichioka on Japan’s video sharing site Niconico recently uploaded the above video, and it’s impressed the over 15,000 viewers who have already seen it, where he shows us the step-by-step process it took to create a magnificent clay replica of the indestructible monster that terrorizes Japan.

The supplies he used are simple:

Two types of wire (stainless and copper)
Two types of wire cutters
Clay sculpting tools
Gum tape
“Hearty Soft” white clay
Wood powder clay
Scrap paper
Two types of varnish (gloss and matte type)
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes (a variety of sizes)

Using various pamphlets from the new Godzilla Resurgence movie, he first created Godzilla’s “skeleton” using the two types of wire, then he taped the scrap paper around the skeletal frame to give it more shape.


Next, he put some meat on those wirey bones with the wood powder clay, and finished up with a layer of white “Hearty Soft” clay. Then he worked some magic with those sculpting tools, forming the formerly shapeless appendages into incredibly detailed arms, feet, and claws, and gave the rest of the body bulk with muscles, scales, wrinkles, and spikes.



The monster really starts to come together when he sculpts and adds color to the head. More paint is painstakingly added bit-by-bit over the rest of the body and finished off with alternating coats of the gloss and matte varnish.


The end result is an impressive creation that looks as if it emerged straight from Tokyo Bay!


This isn’t the first clay monster Ichioka has made, and we certainly hope it won’t be his last! If you’d like to see his other amazing works be sure to give his Niconico page a look and a follow.

Source, images: Niconico/Ichioka via Narinari