Creative YouTuber also makes Pokémon that actually charge phones, act as speakers, and more.

When I was younger, I like many others spent an ungodly amount of time daydreaming about Pokémon. More specifically, what I would do if Pokémon existed in real life, and who would be on my team of Poképals.

And while Pokémon in real life might not be a thing yet, thanks to a creative YouTuber who goes by the name of Clay Yoshirin (@plasmaclusterha on Twitter), we may be one step closer to our childhood dream coming true.

Clay Yoshirin makes incredibly detailed models of Pokémon using, as their name suggests, clay. But not just normal clay models, ones with a creative touch that brings them closer to reality.

▼ Like a Turtwig with a real leaf on its head!

Not impressed? Well, how about a Pichu that can actually charge your Apple electronics with its electric type powers?

And take a look at this Chinchou clay lamp, with working light bulbs!

Or if that’s not cool enough for you, check out this Loudred with actual speakers for ears, just like the PokéGods intended!

▼ Imagine blasting the Pokémon theme song from this.

Clay Yoshirin has amassed quite a collection of handmade Pokémon sculptures, and their latest creation is just as impressive — a Froslass made to look like a Japanese doll.

What’s particularly impressive is how they made it — namely, using an empty bottle of beer as the base. 

Molding the clay around the beer bottle base, Clay then made the arms, head, and obi sash, but there was something missing — Froslass’s icy crystals horns.

Rather than making some clay ice crystals, Clay instead called up fellow YouTuber and sweets creator Whip Sugar to commission a pair of edible ice horns made from jewel candy, known as kohakuto in Japanese.

They described the jewel candy horns as “sweet and delicious”.

▼ The full process can be seen in the video below.

Japanese netizens fell in love with Clay Yoshirin’s creative clay creations, and their Twitter and YouTube are full of awe and admiration.

“I used to make Pokémon from clay when I was younger, but this is like 500 times better!”
“The proportions are really accurate. The sizes of the head and the body are spot on.”
“I’m constantly impressed with how creative you are, Yoshirin!”
“I would absolutely buy this.”
“Froslass is my favorite Pokémon, so thank you for making this.”

Sadly, Clay Yoshirin’s figures don’t appear to be for sale, but their YouTube is full of other exciting Pokémon creations, so be sure to check it out.

And while our childhood dream of owning real Pokémon has not yet come to fruition, we can always make do with this adorable Mimikyu plushie instead. 

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Source: Twitter@plasmaclusterha via NetLlab
Images: Twitter@plasmaclusterha
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