“Yellow Hatto” and “Pizza Hatto”, what could possibly go wrong?

Yellow Hat remains one of Japan’s biggest chain of stores specializing in automotive parts and accessories, offering a full range of services you’d expect such shops to have, and even not-so-usual ones like traffic safety videos for cats.

And as August 10 approaches, the company has shortened the Japanese pronunciation of the date from “hachigatsu touka” to “hatto”, an unofficial Hatto Day which would celebrate its trademark yellow hat logo. A spark of inspiration led them to contact the somewhat similarly-named Pizza Hut on their Twitter account. Their responses and translations are as follows:

“Sorry for the intrusion, Pizza Hut,
but shall we do something interesting to connect our two company names together?”

“Thanks for messaging! That sounds like a great idea!”

“Yay! Just sit still while I design a symbol for our collaboration.”

“*Engine revving* Annnnd it’s done!
What do you think of the ‘August 10 is Hatto Day’?”

“Hmm… is that really okay? As expected of a speedy company…”

“By the way, shall we officially register Hatto Day to
commemorate our partnership? I’ve got the documents ready.”

“Erm…my company’s ‘hatto’ is actually ‘hut’, not ‘hat’ like yours…”

Indeed, the world of Japanese katakana does not distinguish between the words “hut” and “hat, lumping the two pronunciations and spellings into the same form of ハット (hatto). It stands to reason then that the auto service company mistook the name of the famous pizza chain as Pizza Hat, which would explain the previously designed logo of two men wearing fashionable headgear.

The entire exchange made everyone’s day:

“That was hilarious!”
“It’s actually kind of cute.”
“Listen, people, a hut is a small house.”
“I actually didn’t know that.”
“I learned something new today.”

Even if the entire Twitter conversation was pre-planned, we can all agree that both companies educated their followers on the intricacies of the English language in an engaging manner. And in case you are wondering if there is such a thing as a pizza hat, Pizza Hut Japan did actually offer it to customers and their cats some time ago.

Source: Twitter/@yellowhat_ltd, Twitter/@Pizza_Hut_Japan via Kinisoku
Featured image: Twitter/@yellowhat_ltd

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