When lying in bed at night, have you ever heard a weird noise — a creaking floorboard or the rustling of a piece of paper? Has food ever mysteriously disappeared? While it very well could have been a ghost, it could have just as easily been a ninja-cat hiding in the nooks and crannies of your home!

Some ninja-cats are more skilled than others, living in apartments and stealing food completely undetected by the owners. Others, however, are not so stealthy and occasionally get caught on camera. Observe!

Homeowners across the globe have banded together to capture these ninja-cats in the act, in order to bring awareness of the threat to our pantries and our general well-being. This is a serious problem, so you should definitely not laugh or smile at any of the following pictures.

1. They creep through your walls via air-vents.


2. They can hang upside-down in unimaginable locations.


3. They watch you in the kitchen to find out where you put the fish.


4. They can sneak through your cabinets without breaking any of the glasses.


5. Disguising themselves as beer, they gain access to your refrigerator.


6. Beware: Any decorations can be used as a hiding place.


7. They know that you never water your plants.


8. While you’re away, they take advantage of your bed.


9. You don’t want to take this kind of cat nap.


10. They even watch you while you play billiards.


11. Decorative pot or stealthy hiding place?


12. Just like true ninja, they even use decoys to throw us off.


13. They hide right under our noses.


14. You might want to check under your dresser before bed tonight.


15. They move from home to home tucked away in bags.


16. Their shiny eyes are watching your every move.


17. They can contort their bodies to fit in any space.


18. And here you thought you bought an eight-pack of paper towels…


19. They’ll even try to steal Christmas presents.


20. And last but not least, they have hidden passageways beneath your floors. cat24

The ninja-cats could infest your home soon, if they are not there already. Stay on the lookout for shining eyes, pointy ears and fluffy tails. Remember: they are always watching you. If you do find one, whatever you do, do not call them cute or adorable and upload pictures to the Internet immediately.

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