Don’t let the seriousness of their love blind you from their sense of humor.

Moms know exactly what we want and need in life. Often times they know exactly what we don’t want or need in our lives too. Here are some of our favorite Japanese mom moments that made us laugh, cringe and love our mothers even more.

1. They’re not above a few practical jokes.

2. They will tell you exactly what you are missing at home.


“Mom, you didn’t record Evangelion? What’s happening?”
“(Gunfire sounds) Shinji: Uwaaaaaaa! (helicopter sounds)”
“Now there was an explosion.”

3. They conspicuously rearrange your possessions when you fail to clean your room.

4. They forget which bento box is yours and you end up with your dad’s.

Opening your rice and seeing “Tonight” with a heart is extremely awkward.

5. They quickly change their attitude when realizing you’re pulling their leg.

Mom: “Hey, do you know what day it is today?”
Son: “Nope.”
“Huh? Really?”
(2 hours later…mom receives extremely lovely package with birthday present)
“Aww…Ryo-chan ♥♥♥. Your present came! :D Thank you!! Can’t you just directly wish me a happy birthday? Stupid son ♥♥…”

6. They place creepy masks on your pillow to startle you when you wake up


7. They teach you how to MacGyver your world.

There may be no chopsticks here, but there are two sticks from the corn dogs. Eat your way to some utensils!

8. They want to let you know where everything realllllly comes from.

9. They remind you that sometimes they’re not good with technology.

10. They know how to show off their unique skills.


Doesn’t that make you want to call your mom? Thumbs up if your mom has pulled anything like the stunts above, and be sure to share in the comments if they’ve ever done anything wackier.

Source: CuRAZY
Top image: Flickr/echascetch (edited by RocketNews24)