Semi-precious stone accessory maker helps previous boy give a gift to someone very special.

Japanese Twitter user @PeonyCrystal1 is an artist who specializes in crafting accessories out of semi-precious stones. She doesn’t have her own shop, but instead participates in art and craft fairs around the country, bringing her wares with her to each event.

However, at one recent event she didn’t have anything in stock that matched what one shopper was looking for. That potential customer was a young boy, still in elementary school, accompanied by his mother. The kid was looking for an affordably priced pendant, but he didn’t want it for himself, and while it would have been sweet if he was shopping for a gift for his mom, the real reason he was looking for a necklace was even more heart-melting, @PeonyCrystal1 reveals.

“Do you have any pendants available for 2,000 yen (US$18)?” the boy asked.

“I’m sorry, I don’t, but I have lots of parts, so I can make one right now for you,” replied @PeonyCrystal1. “Who is it for?”

“It’s for my sister,” the boy answered. “She’s five years old, and she couldn’t come today, so I want to use my allowance to buy a present for her.”

“I and all of the other women working behind our counters were brought to our knees by how precious this boy was,” says @PeonyCrystal1, who, as soon as she recovered, got right to work making a pendant that fit within the boy’s budget. After he told the artist what kind of colors his sister liked, they settled on a sky blue cord with gold-colored accents, and a speckled pink sunstone as the centerpiece.

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@PeonyCrystal1 says that whenever she’s going to an event as a vendor, she always brings about 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of spare parts with her, just in case she needs to do some on-site custom work. “I’ve never felt so happy that I do that,” she says, and the result of the boy’s request is both cute enough for a young girl to wear and also elegantly fashionable enough that she’ll be able to wear it as a teen or adult, giving her a beautiful reminder of her brother’s empathy and generosity for years to come.

Oh, and if you’ve got a special someone you’re looking for a present for, or simply want one of @PeonyCrystal1’s designs for yourself, she regularly lists her upcoming event schedule on her Twitter account, with her next Tokyo appearance being the Shibuya Mineral Marche on June 28-30 at Shibuya Stream Hall.

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Source: Twitter/@PeonyCrystal1 via Jin

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