Pokémon-themed makeup sounds like an excellent way to add a bit of magic to your beauty regimen, doesn’t it?

It’s no surprise that the highly marketable characters from the Pokémon franchise have been turned into a wide range of products, from sweet ice cream cakes to irresistibly cute backpacks. This time, our favorite magical creatures are set to help us look our best — as cosmetics products.

Monosense, Ltd., a subsidiary of the BEENOS Group specializing in development, marketing and sales of character goods, have recently released a new line of Pokémon blush and face powder, and practical use aside, the items look as cute as you would expect!

Here’s the blush, available in four different Pokémon designs:

▼The Pikachu design blush comes in a “Mily Pink” color.

▼ The Eevee blush is a warm “Rose Pink” color.

▼ The Mew blush shade is “Pearl White.”

▼ The Slowpoke blush comes in a bright “Coral Pink” shade.

The cream-type blush contains micro pearl particles to give your skin a natural shine, and we’re pretty sure the container’s compact shape and adorable packaging with the rubber Pokémon face attached will make you want to carry it with you wherever you go.

And now for the face powder, which is also available in the same four Pokémon designs:

▼ The Pikachu powder comes in a pink-based color scheme that should add a nice healthy glow to your cheeks.

▼ The Eevee powder contains mint-themed colors to cover unwanted redness and achieve a clearer-skinned look.

▼ The purple-based Mew powder is designed to give the skin a fresh, lustrous look.

▼ The yellow colors in the Slowpoke powder should help brighten the skin and cover any unwanted dark circles under the eyes.

Each face powder set comes with a specially designed powder puff and is easy to carry around, so you can always look your best wherever you are.

The Pokémon makeup items are now available at various stores across Japan including the official Pokémon Center shops, as well as ITS’DEMO, Tokyu Hands and Village Vanguard stores. The blush is priced at 1,300 yen (US$12) while the face powder costs 1,500 yen.

▼ Monosense have also released other Pokémon beauty items in the past, such as moisturaizing face masks, lip cream, hand cream, lip gloss, body gel, pocket mirrors, so you may find more products to choose from if you’re shopping in Japan.

And after making yourself up with Pokémon cosmetics, if you still can’t get enough of the magical creatures, maybe you can add some bling with stylish Pokémon accesories and go out for a treat at a Pokémon cafe!

Source. images: PR Times
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