Kabuki’s not just a fascinatingly odd spectacle of Japanese traditional performance art, it’s also the last word in style. The Kabuki “look” has been cropping up lately in areas as diverse as nail art and face masks. One of our RocketNews24 writers even tried out the Kabuki face mask and loved it.

And now, totally stylish and not at all lame fashion brand UNIQLO is getting in on a piece of the Kabuki action with their new range of clothing, UNIQLO X Shochiku Kabuki!

The UNIQLO x Shochiku Kabuki range is brought to you in collaboration with official “ambassador”, actor Ennosuke Ichikawa IV. The new style pieces will be available online and in stores across Japan from March 26. There are also plans to take the designs overseas, starting with Paris from March 20. Uniqlo’s creative director NIGO aims to promote the range as an example of “authentic Japanese popular culture”.

▼ Uniqlo is known for its funky print tees, so we’ll probably be wanting to add these to our collection. You can see how the design is inspired by the traditional costumes actors wear for performances.

▼ Big, bold prints like this one are clearly taken straight from the stage costumes.

▼ The print detail on this one turns a casual T-shirt into something much more elaborate.

▼ The “Kabuki print” theme continues with tote bags…

▼ …and even baggy pants to help you get that effortless “just off to star in a Kabuki play” glamour!

The range also features various other pieces including bandanas and scarves, and comes to a total of 64 Kabuki-inspired items altogether. You could stage an entire Kabuki play with that! We think…

The range will be launched at the Ginza branch of UNIQLO on March 26, and the ceremony will be presided over by Ennosuke Ichikawa IV himself who is booked to attend. The first 100 customers will also receive an extremely limited-edition hand towel designed by Ichikawa.

Check out this (English) video introducing the range, and if you can’t make it down to the Ginza opening, then just keep an eye out at your local UNIQLO branch because Kabuki couture is about to go worldwide!

Images via Uniqlo
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