How to order a Matcha Caramel S’more Frappuccino at Starbucks Japan

Customisation hack will have you drinking a green tea caramel s’more, only for a limited time.

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We try the new Starbucks Caramel S’more Frappuccino from Japan

Nothing’s more confusing than drinking a Caramel S’more on a hot summer’s day.

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Starbucks Caramel S’mores Frappuccino coming to Japan for a limited time!

Move over S’mores, it’s time for Caramel S’mores to take the limelight this summer.

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Dragon Ball’s Frieza soft and sweet? He sure is, as marshmallows!

One of anime’s most popular super-villains is now a sugary snack, and he looks absolutely delectable!

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Beautiful marshmallow flowers are in bloom at Tokyo’s Dominque Ansel Bakery!

Sakura season may be over in Tokyo, but we were still able to see some beautiful and sweet flowers bloom at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in Omotesando, Tokyo!

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Nyarshmallow: The chocolate-filled cat-shaped marshmallows too cute to eat!

If you love cats, chocolate, and marshmallows, you won’t want to miss Nyarshmallows from Felissimo!

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Japanese marshmallow omelette: A real thing you can (and should) make right away 【Rocket Kitchen】

Recipes with marshmallows instead of sugar have soared in popularity online in Japan recently. We love marshmallows, so we’re hardly about to complain — so soft! so sweet! — and the rise in popularity even got the attention of some our Japanese writers, who decided to try out a recipe using marshmallows.

And what is the recipe? Cooked eggs!

Wait, cooked eggs and marshmallows? This really can’t turn out well…can it?! Read on to find out!

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Frozen marshmallow cream: Just two ingredients, at least as good as ice cream 【RocketKitchen】

Every now and again, we stumble across a dessert recipe that’s so simple and tasty, it almost feels like we’ve discovered some sort of hidden secret that man wasn’t meant to know. Last year, we found out that instead of making pancakes one at a time, we could just make one huge one in a rice cooker, sprinkle in some green tea powder, and have a dessert that looks and tastes great with no fuss at all.

But what if you prefer chilled desserts to hotcakes? No problem. We recently tried a recipe for a frozen marshmallow dessert that may or may not technically be ice cream, but amazingly creates something that tastes even better from just two ingredients, and takes almost as few steps to make.

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Japanese lingerie company designs special bra for Japan’s marshmallow girls

Since last year, chubbiness has become more accepted in Japan. Chubby girls (that’s chubby by Japanese standards) are now called ‘marshmallow girls‘ and they’ve become so popular that there’s now an entire idol group dedicated to them, and even a fashion magazine for girls of various sizes. I think we can all agree that Japan definitely still has some body image issues, but nevertheless, the marshmallow fad continues!

The latest addition to this marshmallow boom is a series of bras designed for marshmallow girls. They are called “Pochakawabra”, which is a portmanteau of pocha (chubby), kawaii (cute), and of course the object itself, bra. I’m not sure if I appreciate the name, but the designs sure are cute!

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Don’t call them fat, call them Marshmallow Girls!

Many of us have an impression that Japanese girls are slim and petite (which many of them really are), but one of the sad truths behind their stick-thin figures is a rather serious case of discrimination from society. While voluptuous women are popular in certain parts of the world, being even slightly chubby (not obese) is a big no-no in Japan and chubby girls often get called “debu” (fatso) online and sometimes to their face.

But recently, a new nickname for such chubby ladies has started trending among Japanese netizens, which hopefully will change the attitudes people have towards them. Behold, the rise of the “marshmallow girls”!

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