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Happiness in the real world is largely the result of prioritizing what’s really important for you, going after those things, and not being too picky about everything else. Of course, when you’re talking about fantasizing, you can have it all, as we’ve seen previously when men are asked for the characteristics of their ideal woman.

So when a men’s magazine in Japan recently published the results of a similar survey, we weren’t surprised that the compiled average of the physical parameters were pretty strict. What was shocking, though, was the response given by one man, whose image of the perfect female figure isn’t just largely unattainable, it’s downright unhealthy.

Twitter user Junnai shared one page of the questionnaire’s results. The bottom half is labeled “Part 2: Body,” so we’re guessing that another section of the magazine contains the respondents’ preferred personality traits.

This page, though, is all about the physical, and with a section unabashedly declaring that the best breasts have both elasticity and a well-defined shape, there’s obviously not a lot of self-censoring going on. There’s a tale of the tape for the perfect body, and the non-round numbers seem like a pretty clear indicator that the figures are averages, with a height of 157 centimeters (5’2″), a weight of 44 kilograms (96.8 pounds), a D-cup bust, and waist and hip measurements of 59 and 81 centimeters, respectively.

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Even if we make the bold assumption that these men wouldn’t mind even larger breasts than D cups, the chest size requirement alone eliminates roughly three out of five adult women in Japan. Still, with some 40 percent of the country’s female population left to draw from, we’re sure there are some women who could check off all of those boxes.

Somewhat harder to find, though, would be someone fitting the description one man gave of his ideal woman.


152 centimeters isn’t that tiny by Japanese standards, but 37 kilograms? That’s 81.4 pounds!!

There are indeed certain things that’s a fine weight for. For example, if you’re an eighth-grade boy who’s just started lifting weights, an 80-pound bench press is a modest, yet decent, starting goal.

▼ It’s even more impressive if you can incline bench that much.

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For a person, though, 37 kilograms probably means either your caloric intake or number of limbs is lower than it ordinarily should be. That or you’re some kind of bird-like creature built for flight and have hollow bones.

Japanese Internet commentators largely agreed.

“That’s crazy.”
“152 centimeters and 37 kilos? You’d starve to death.”
“She’d look like a skeletal structure diagram.”
“Way too skinny!”

Not everyone who participated in the survey was so fixated on numbers, either. Directly to the right of the 32 kilogram comment shown above is another quote from someone else saying, “As long as she has a slim waist I don’t really care about how many centimeters it is.”

We should also point out that the magazine either didn’t know or chose not to reveal the age of the respondents. It’s possible the guy looking for a 37-kilogram girl is still in junior high, and thus isn’t thinking in terms of full-grown women, we suppose. Of course, it’s also possible that he just doesn’t have enough experience with real women to know how far out of touch with reality his fantasy is.

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